Wendy Vazquez

2019 Undergraduate Chicana/o Scholarship Award Recipient

Major: Psychology/Criminology
Minor: Cognitive Science

Two years ago, I had a friend pass away. Before that, i was only interested in psychology. My friend, on the other hand, was passionate about the criminal justice system. We both as high school students pushed each other towards self-improvement and set college goals. The only difference between us two is that I can continue achieveing my goals. She was my initial motivation to learn about criminology and continue my college education. I will keep her legacy alive, as well as completing my dreams.

It was not until I started watching the Sherlok Holmes TV show in Netflix that truly got me interested in my major field. The fact that Sherlock was able to decipher crime scenes and know how to pick at people’s minds really fascinated me. The human brain can never truly be understood, and that is what makes me passionate.