Melissa Medrano-Lopez

2020 Recipient

Major: Biology

Receiving this scholarship and even being considered as a recipient was such a great blessing to me and my mother. She has been a single mother raising me and my brother. I feel she has done so much for me, and this was a way of giving back to her.

My mother has been my biggest supporter throughout my life. Which makes her my biggest motivation to continue to pursue a higher education that she wasn’t able to obtain. She has made sacrifices to give me a better future that she wasn’t able to have. She has given me and my brother everything when she came here with nothing. That’s why everything I do and hope on becoming is for her and my brother that have given me unconditional love and support. To become the first generation to graduate high school and even have a chance of going to a university. My family motivates me on becoming the person I always dreamed of becoming and not the person I have thought less of.