Janet Reyes

2020 Recipient

Major: Psychology, Positive Psychology Certificate
Minor: Sociology

Receiving the Chicana/o Scholarship means a lot to me and my family, because I can be able to keep going in my studies and accomplish my dreams and goals in life.

My biggest motivation is my parents. They have always been there giving me all their unconditional support. Motivating me to become a better version of myself. They are my greatest example of perseverance, resilience, effort, and hard work. My parents have sacrificed so much for us, coming to a country that was unknown to them. Which is why I want them to feel proud of my accomplishments. Knowing that their sacrifices were not done in vain. My passion about how we can use positive psychology in our daily lives to motivate ourselves and our loved ones, being resilient when we face difficult times, have self-compassion, and self-love among others, I know has impacted my family to live a happier life. I feel motivated to learn more about other topics such as discrimination, race/ethnicity, equal opportunities, culture, society, and higher education and be able to put them into practice. Such as helping college students from different backgrounds. I myself have felt discrimination and know how hard it is to learn a whole new language. I wish to create a welcoming environment for students full of support and be the guidance I know I needed in my most difficult times. My family and I came to this country with a mind full of dreams and thanks to the Chicano/Chicana Scholarship, I can make them happen.