Trina M. Valdez

Dr. Trina M. Valdez is the State Education Liaison with the Department of Human Services (DHS). She is working as an advocate with the Utah Juvenile Court, State Board of Education and DHS to improve educational outcomes for youth in state care. She is committed to improving the educational experience for all Utah youth and their families. As a scholar and practitioner, she is developing a research, teaching and service philosophy aimed at addressing issues of access and equity in higher education. She is a two-time recipient of the Chicana/o Scholarship.


Jason Castillo

Dr. Jason Castillo is a faculty member at the University of Utah College of Social Work. He teaches graduate level courses in social welfare policy and community and organization practice. He conducts research in the areas of poverty, fathering, and social work policy education. He has been associated with the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees since August 2009.


Anthony Shirley

Originally from Tselani, Arizona, Anthony Shirley is a member of the Navajo Tribe and the Many Goat Clan born for the Tower House People Clan. He enjoys many passions: the outdoors, watercolor, cuisines – Italian especially, movies, community involvement, and teaching. Since becoming a part of the University of Utah community in 2003, Anthony has made contributions both on an off campus. He regularly is involved with the Urban Indian Center of Utah and the Utah Pride Center and teaches Navajo language and culture courses in the Language & Literature Department. He strongly believes in the preservation of language and culture.


Mayra G. Cedano

Born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, Mayra G. Cedano moved to Utah at the age of 11. In 2005, she received the Chicana/o Scholarship and in 2010, she graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. in Sociology alongside a Criminology and Corrections Certificate. Mayra is currently the Community Engagement Manager at Comunidades Unidas, a local non-profit in the state of Utah. She is passionate about social justice issues and loves dancing, stargazing, ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, and tacos! Mayra says, “I feel honored to serve in the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees. I enjoy collaborating with other board members who like myself, are dedicated to the advancement of our communities.”


Zitlali Herrera

Zitlalli Herrera was born in Santa Ana, California and raised in Midvale, Utah. Before receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Utah, she earned an Associate of Science at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). Currently, while working towards a Master of Education in Student Affairs, she works as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement. She enjoys dancing, traveling with her husband, and hanging out with family.


Debbie Rocha

As long-time supporter of the Chicana/o Scholarship, Debbie Rocha has been a previous recipient and past chair of the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund Board. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Master in Social Work and has contributed to the Salt Lake community as the director of the Salt Lake Early Intervention Program and school counselor at Edison Elementary.


Xris Macias

Xris is proud to be a previous recipient of the Chicana/o Scholarship and the academic advisor for TRIO Programs at the University of Utah. He is fluent in Espaňol and Portuguĕs and enjoys listening to all kinds of music, playing the ukulele, training Capoeira, hiking, mountain biking, and loves cars and car shows.


Giulia V. Soto

Giulia Soto is the Second Year Program Coordinator in the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs. As a University of Utah Alumna, she is thankful to have received the Chicano/a Scholarship throughout her education at the U. Giulia is a proud indigenous Peruvian immigrant, who enjoys cultivating her traditions from dancing Peruvian Folklore to eating Peruvian dishes. Passionate about providing equitable education in Latin America, her honors undergrad thesis and masters policy brief highlighted the educational inequities that occur there.


Marco A. Medina

Born and raised in McMinnville, Oregon, Marco moved to Utah at the age of 15 and served a full-time LDS mission in Mexico after graduating from Corner Canyon High. He is currently a sophomore at the University of Utah, studying Biomedical Engineering and serving in the Army National Guard.


Phoebe Galvez

Phoebe Galvez is a graduate from the University of Utah and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving survivors of sexual violence. Her professional goals have focused on working with marginalized populations and creating working relationships within the Latinx community. She has served on the Chicano Scholarship Fund board since 2017.


Margie Victoria Delgado

Margie served the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund from 1978 – 2011 in every capacity from Chair, selection committee, banquet committee, ticket sales, and PR. Her commitment to Chicana/o social justice drove her contribution to opportunities of higher education for young Chicana/os to obtain their dreams.