CSF Annual Celebration

The Chicana/o Scholarship Fund is a annual event hosted by the CSF Board of Trustees dedicated to recognizing that year’s scholarship recipients. This year’s Chicana/o Scholarship Fund Celebration will be September 28, 2018 at 6 pm. For more information regarding this event, contact Anthony Shirley.

CSF Annual Celebration Gallery

2017-2018 Recipients

Alejandra Tellez Montenegro
Ariana Bernuy
Guadalupe Cruz-Calderon
Krystal Xitlaly Bustamante Castillo
Sinndy Rios
Daniele Martinez
Glenda Palomino Ventura
Pedro Padilla Martinez
Yessenia Sontay
Liliana I. Martinez Martinez
Ariel Flores Mena
Christian Camarillo Mendez
Maria Dolores Torres-Contreras
Mayra Cardozo
Yerry Perez